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Aug 10 11 10:35 PM

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Im no billygoat, but i dont have high experience in php ubuntu or bitcoin so excuse my noobsness.
This is a fun project for me and i am enjoying learning it.
I have setup bitcoind / pushpool on my ubuntu VPS i believe it is running fine.
I am trying to setup Simplecoin on my web hosting; i have it installed so far but i am getting this message

14:57:46] PHP Warning:  mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/izotope/public_html/bitcoin/includes/settings.php on line 29

I also cannot get any data; and almost all the links return a 404 error. i have import the example sql database and i think it is working fine as if i change website name etc it will change.

My one worry is that this database is meant to be pushpool's database? but then from my understanding their is alot more fields then pushpool required & i was thinking most the data could come from RPC calls?

Any help is most appreciated.

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Aug 11 11 1:09 AM

i have fixed the above i didnt have it in root directory and didnt wanna change all the links.

everything is working however i suspect i have either
A) got the database in the wrong spot or
B) simplecoin isnt talking to RPC on vps

Message i get if i try to view poolstats is
"Fatal error: Uncaught BitcoinClientException: [0]: Connect error: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known (0) thrown in on line 0"

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Aug 11 11 6:22 PM


Looking forward to it; it is very impressive.

where is $rpcHost meant to point to i have it to http://externalip:8341  but have also tried 8331

8331 = Bitcoind port
8341 = pushpoold http-proxy port

Shows as  Listening on Host :: Port 8342

Shows as  Listening on Host :: Port 8341

Shows as  Listening on Host :: Port 8332

Shows as  Listening on Host :: EXTERNALIP port 8338



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