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Jul 26 11 1:34 AM

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Hello all i'm here now MUHAHAHA..

Anyways welcome all from Simplecoin to all you guys and gals. I should be around if you have questions about mining hardware and OS and I will attempt to answer it to the best of my knowledge. 

Enjoy your mining efforts here and on all of your mining endeavors.

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Jul 26 11 5:51 AM

Hi all.

Maybe I'm wrong, but seems that MH/s isn't single performance indicator.
The equal or maybye higher importance indicator is "utility" (number of shares / minute)

I order to deal with it I recomend to try CGMINER

This miner takes ton of input parameters and shows lot of info.
 Let me to cite part of its readmy.txt:

The output line shows the following:
[(5s):204.4  (avg):203.1 Mh/s] [Q:56  A:51  R:4  HW:0  E:91%  U:2.47/m]

Each column is as follows:
A 5 second exponentially decaying average hash rate
An all time average hash rate
The number of requested work items
The number of accepted shares
The number of rejected shares
The number of hardware erorrs
The efficiency defined as the accepted shares / requested work
The utility defines as the number of shares / minute

The cgminer status line shows:
 TQ: 1  ST: 1  LS: 0  SS: 0  DW: 0  NB: 1  LW: 8  LO: 1  RF: 1  I: 2

TQ is Total Queued work items.
ST is STaged work items (ready to use).
LS is Longpoll Staged work items (mandatory new work)
SS is Stale Shares discarded (detected and not submitted so don't count as rejects)
DW is Discarded Work items (work from block no longer valid to work on)
NB is New Blocks detected on the network
LW is Locally generated Work items (during slow server providing work)
LO is Local generation Occasions (server slow to provide work)
RF is Remote Fail occasions (server slow to accept work)
I is current Intensity (changes in dynamic mode).

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Jul 26 11 7:51 AM

I keep trying cgminer hoping to see an improvement, but my server side accepted shares just never seem to reach the steady high output of hashkill.

I usually see 20-30 more mh with hashkill per machine, even on the headless one.

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Jul 26 11 8:44 AM

You gave me an idea!

I'm W7 64bit user. But a significant part of the day my desktop works alone for the mining only.
I can just boot Linux from USB for Hashkill during that time.
Its right time to try GPU overclocking (CPU and VGA RAM underclocking ) from Linux

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#6 [url]

Jul 27 11 7:45 AM

My HD5850 (970/200(GPU/RAM) and stock voltage) average is 450MH/s on SC stats.
Cgminer options only: 
-k phatk -I 8
And no vector and worksize override (-v 2 -w 128 degrades utility in my case)

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